Static IP for Beaglebone Black

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+ staticBBB is a bash script for setting static local IP to Beaglebone
+ It sets DNS server IPs to GoogleDNS( and Yandex Secure 
+ It writes stages to some output file.
+ It checks online status at the end of script. If you are not online it
prints warning to screen.


./staticBBB [-i ] [-m ] [-g ] [-o ]

i: ip address
m: netmask
g: gateway
o: output file

Also you can use it with default parameters. This parameters are:
    - Default IP:    
    - Default Netmask: 
    - Default Gateway:
    - Default output file:    staticBBB.out


+ Your new static ip and gateway must be in the same address space, like
+ Your gateway must be the default gateway for communicating with other
hosts in the different networks.
+ You can find your default gateway address with "netstat -nr" or
"route -n" command.
+ You can see sample output text in output.yigityuce file.